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FULL NAME: Connor Hyeok Hwang
D.O.B. & AGE: 30 Nov 1993 (26)
OCCUPATION: Dojo Owner & Instructor (Hwang Dojo)
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California
RESIDENCE: Inner Mission, San Francisco, CA
ALLEGIANCE: Justice League of America, Themiscyra
ALTER EGO: Terry McGinnis (Batman)
CV STATUS: Unveiled, including Memories of Connor Hawke
PERSONALITY: Sagittarius

To Connor Hwang, born November 30th of 1992, there always seemed to be something missing in his life. His mother, Sandra, did what she could to raise her son with the opportunities she didn’t have growing up in Seoul, South Korea, but it was a task that only seemed to grow more and more difficult without the presence of his big scientific business father, Brian Oliver. Perhaps Connor had noticed it right away, even when he was too young to comprehend the alphabet, let alone have a significant grasp of the English language enough to convey his concerns and his problems, becoming one to often act out, loudly and frustratingly so, for seemingly no reason at all in an early hunt to find that missing piece – an attitude that only got more and more troublesome as he grew up.

While in his early years, he was prone to tantrums, it evolved into spats with other children, sometimes even fights that shouldn’t have broken out even if Connor was always upfront and honest about the reasons he punched a kid in the nose or tackled them to the ground, putting more stress on his mother who was already struggling with being a single mother in a city big enough to eat her alive even without the high rises in New York City. She found some moments of solace when Connor actually listened, sometimes intently, to stories about super heroes and their super villain foes and sometimes even of the father that had left them behind though there was always a question whether or not that made him more and more restless when there seemed no controlling his temperamental nature. As with many children, though certainly not all, there was improvement the more he grew and matured, still an upstanding student where grades were concerned when he actually took the time to apply himself, but there was a last straw to everything, and all it took was one too many fist fights on school grounds for Sandra to take matters into her own hands instead of relying on the so-called authority of the Los Anglees education system.

With a brother in San Francisco, California who she knew she could entrust with making sure that Connor stayed on the right path where she was unable to, Sandra and Connor moved to Inner Richmond where Nathan Hwang owned and operated a martial arts dojo. It was a fresh start in a new environment with new peers that hadn’t already cut themselves into stone with constant ridicule and teasing over the marital status of his parents or his ethnic background – anything that they could have picked on Connor about – and an opportunity to put bad influences behind him, putting him on a path his mother could be proud of. Chores were quick to become a part of his daily life whether it was at the house, his uncle’s dojo or the restaurant that his mother came to purchase shortly after meeting another man she was fond of. Meditation and other discipline studies were also a focus, as taught by his uncle, on top of continuing his studies that he had left off in Los Angeles, this time with far heavier expectations to not only bring home solid grades in his courses, but be on his best behavior.

It was, however, no quick or easy process to take the troublemaker that had been Connor Hwang and mold him into someone so calm and collected, he’d sooner take a diplomatic approach to conflict rather than automatically resulting to an exchange of blows. Just as there were those well-to-do friends that no one would have minded staying for dinner, there were also those bad influences that he would eventually take to fraternizing with in teenage and young adult rebellion. If there was free time to go out and socialize, perhaps even get himself in trouble, he did, something only made worse when he moved to Boston in 2010 to attend the University of Massachusetts and there was no long someone there to helicopter over his grades or what he did with his time or who he hung out with. There was freedom that hadn’t been had before and Connor had all intention on taking advantage of it for as long as he felt he wanted to; but like all things, even that became something that hadn’t been entirely worth his time, finding it only more and more wasted as he came into his own being.

He found other hobbies in those moments, ones that had been born from his studies with his uncle, and focused more readily on martial arts and other studies of combat like kyudo, bojustu, and kenjutsu that required something more centered than he had ever been. It seemed to be that missing piece of the puzzle that had been his life, particularly when it came to archery and parties were soon to be replaced with hours out on the field, perfecting his shots and dealing with the pain in his arms from the tension and the bruises from the snap of the string with a poorly straightened arm. His temper, he found, wouldn’t help him get any better in any study he hoped to excel in, turning more to the meditation techniques he had been taught as an active aid rather than simply a chance to rest, even nap, in the silence of his own mind. It was a focus that would spread to everything – not just combat studies – and when he returned to San Francisco in 2014 following graduation with a bachelor degree in communications, he had a brand new head on his shoulders.

Putting his martial arts knowledge to work when he returned, Connor took up an instructor position at a MMA training center in San Francisco while teaching at the dojo on the side where his students, at least on the martial arts side, were mostly young students who could benefit from the discipline just as he once had. It did very little for his communications degree, but they were occupations where he could do what he loved and feel at peace the most. The paycheck certainly didn’t hurt either, able to move out of his mother’s home to get his own apartment in Inner Mission where he could more easily commute to work and home and avoid those awkward interactions with her husband when Michael and Sandra had married in late 2016.

For some time, things remained this way, but with the prospect of opening a second dojo in Los Angeles in 2017, Connor jumped at the opportunity to take over the dojo full time, putting his position at the MMA training center to rest so he could focus on something more in his wheelhouse than pure adrenaline combat. Within the year and a half to follow, Connor has expanded the location to include meditation training and various programs for children and adults alike to benefit from the same discipline he has.

• Connor is skilled in Kyudo (archery), Bojutsu (staff) and Kenjutsu (swords) along with numerous forms of martial arts outside of anything to do with the shifts thanks to training by his uncle.


comic verse

Terry was born in Gotham City on August 18, 2023, to Warren and Mary McGinnis, a research scientist at Wayne-Powers and an astronomer at Astro-Tech respectively. By his own admission, Terry was once a "bad kid." A member of a street gang with his close friend Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, Terry has his fair share of run-ins with the Gotham City Police while in his early teens, even serving a 90 day sentence for shoplifting at age 14 and a three-month stint the next year, both in juvenile hall.

After helping Bruce make his way back to the mansion following a run in with The Jokerz, Terry gets him his medication; with the strain from the fight having exhausted him, Bruce falls asleep immediately. On his way out Terry notices a bat stuck inside a grandfather clock. Trying to free the creature, Terry stumbles upon the secret entrance to the Batcave. Entering the Batcave, Terry realizes who the old man actually is... [...]

biological father worked for astro-tech • hand-to-hand combat proficient like many members of the bat family • had a bully-involved, delinquent childhood • tough outside, good-intended insides


Sometimes called "aerobics", Gymnastics is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to perform exercises that require a great deal of physical strength, agility and control. It differs from acrobatics in that it is used more as a coordinated sport rather than a freestyle theatrical performance.

Computer Operation is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to design, repair, network, hack, edit, manage and sometimes basically understand the workings of a computer. This includes both hardware and/or software as it relates to computer systems. Terry is a computer expert.

Gadgetry is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to create and uses incredible gadgets for various purposes. Many characters tend to use them offensively and many like them theme their inventions.

Genius Level Intellect is a term used to describe the skill of some characters to naturally obtain a great level of intelligence. It differs from Enhanced Intellect because the intellect gathered and understood is done so naturally without any enhancements. Terry has a near-genius I.Q.

While more brawl-like in fashion than harboring the finesse of martial arts, Terry is proficient in advanced hand-to-hand combat in no small part to his training in martial arts by Bruce Wayne.

Throwing, also known as Marksmanship, is the ability of some characters to be proficient at throwing objects or weapons, such as knives, shuriken, or boomerangs.


An artificial intelligence modeled after Alfred Pennyworth's personality.

The long-time aerial transportation of Batman which has an incorproated radio with direct connection to police bands, parachute flares for emergencites, infra-red and flood spotlights, aerial cameras, tv and radar screens, auxiliary jet propulsion motors, magnesium-fired Bat-Beam, three way interchanging landing gear wheels, pontoons, and skis, human ejector tubes, a mobile crime lab, and additional antennae on the wings. Terry's version is befitting of the advances available in Neo-Gotham.

State-of-the-art Batsuit which automatically conforms to his size. It includes a number of technical advances which give Terry access to advanced skill and items, including: enhanced strength, enhanced flexibility, firearm spikes, enhanced visual assistance, personal communicator, enhanced ballistic protection, elemental resistance, underwater rebreather, dispensable batarangs, disc projectiles, electrical discharge, wrist-mounted lasers, forearm grappling guns, various grenades, flexicuffs, smoke pellets, lock decipherer, retractable tweezers, frequency scanner, retractable wings, rocket boots, electromagnetic pads, sensitive touch microphone, polygraph sensors, drug identifier, cloaking device, retractable claws, batmobile uplink, remote kill function, belt buckle buzzsaw, sonic pulse, retractable batcable, vital sanners, heating system, various capsules, and taser wires.

An addition to the Batsuit from a future universe which allowed Terry to combat Superman. The upgrades to his modern suit is Kryptonite-powered and includes force fields, holographic projections, Red Sun energy swords, and an emp mask.

A computerized device that simulated the needs and reactions of a regular baby, all the while recording the care and attention, or lack of, displayed by its caregivers.

An outfit consisting of a multi-colored bulletproof vest, violet belts, brown pants, and orange gloves, used during his infiltration of the Jokerz gang.

An armoured state-of-the-art suit formerly owned by the supervillain Davis Dusk which allows Terry access to bulletproof built-in armor, an electrical generator (which kept Terry's heart beating) and electrokinesis, the ability to control and fire blasts of electricity.


An experimental Batsuit created for Damian Wayne.


Extensive combat training provided to all Amazons, including advanced hand-to-hand combat and weapon training (archery, swordsmanship, and throwing).

Connor is an extraordinary archer, a student of the Kyudo discipline, though not as proficient as Oliver Queen. He had been training the Zen Archery, a spiritual technique that is based in projecting one's own consciousness outside his body, thus becoming one with the bow and arrow. After Oliver's death, he achieved mastery over said technique.

The Gauntlets of Ares are a form of armor that grants the wearer strength equal to that of Hercules and were used by Hippolyta.

Created by Ares, the Lasso of Lightning can generate electrical currents through it from the lightning of Zeus depending on the user's current level of anger and can force opponents to experience intense rage.

A selection of unique gimmick arrows, interchangeable for any size arrow shaft, used primarily by Oliver Queen during his career as the Green Arrow.

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